Our Responsibilities as “The Insured”

When you buy an insurance policy, be it for your car, home, or even a travel insurance policy, you have some sense of relief in that should the worst occur, you have an accident, your home is burgled, or your holiday is cancelled or you take ill while away, you are protected by the insurance policy.

Getting a Business Loan

In the business world, getting a loan or injection of capital, can be a tricky thing. If you look at all the business and High Street shops which have recently gone bust, due to cash issues, heavy debts, and poor sales, then you know.

Why It Is Important To Regularly Check Your Credit File

When discussing or giving advice on credit scoring, credit reporting, how to get approved for a loan, getting out of debt, and just about all things related to personal finances, one topic and question that gets raised is, have you viewed your credit report recently and do you know your credit score?

What is Beneficial Interest and How is It Earned?

Beneficial interest by definition is, “Right to enjoy and use a property, and to otherwise benefit from its possession. Beneficial interest usually accrues to the legal owner but may be vested in some other party, such as the beneficiary of a trust. See also contingent beneficial interest and equitable interest.“

Being Told What To Do With Our Money

Many us have an aversion to being told what to do.Naturally there are times when we are not the “boss” and are directed as to what we have to do, and one of those times is at work. And in some relationships:)

Loans That Do Not Require a Credit Check

Actually the title of this is a bit off or a misnomer, as all lenders are required to do credit checks in order to grant a loan. However, there are loans that do not use credit checks, or credit scores as a part of their underwriting, or loan approval process.

Should We Reap The Benefits of Our Data Being Sold?

If our personal details are worth so much, and are valuable, should we not be compensated for their use? Can we sell our personal details and make money? They are being sold on a “secondary” type market, or harvested by applications, and used to sell us stuff or for other mischievous reasons.

Are People Really Losing Out on Jobs Due to Bad Credit?

 Many of us are aware that having bad credit can affect our live in many ways, especially when it comes to getting a loan. If you have bad or poor credit, even if you have no credit history what so ever, it become a hurdle to get over if you need to borrow money from traditional lenders.