Our Responsibilities as “The Insured”

When you buy an insurance policy, be it for your car, home, or even a travel insurance policy, you have some sense of relief in that should the worst occur, you have an accident, your home is burgled, or your holiday is cancelled or you take ill while away, you are protected by the insurance policy.

Planning For a Financial Emergency

No one likes to think about when an emergency may arise. It may be a health issue, it may be work related, money and finances, an emergency can come in many forms, and also affect just about anything.

Mental Health Issues and Being in Debt

Many years ago in a place far, far away, we were on a mission to help people in debt, and not just to get them out of debt, but to find out what brought them to the financial position they were in, insure they had the skills to not have it happen again, and also to change the minds and perspectives that banks, lenders, and creditors can have regarding their customers, when they have financial issues.

Who Do You Trust With Your Money?

 Take a moment to think about the things that are important to you……I’m sure many of you thought of your family, spouse, children, mother, father, and also your close friends.

Is Remortgaging Your Home Possible With Bad Credit?

Buying a property and getting on the property ladder is a momentous time in a person’s life.You have saved for the deposit, found the perfect house or flat, applied for and were approved for a mortgage, and then comes moving day, and you making a property a home.