car insurance

Our Responsibilities as “The Insured”

When you buy an insurance policy, be it for your car, home, or even a travel insurance policy, you have some sense of relief in that should the worst occur, you have an accident, your home is burgled, or your holiday is cancelled or you take ill while away, you are protected by the insurance policy.

Planning For a Financial Emergency

No one likes to think about when an emergency may arise. It may be a health issue, it may be work related, money and finances, an emergency can come in many forms, and also affect just about anything.

Bad Credit is Costing You Money

 When you have bad credit, or even if you have no credit, sometimes you may feel like doors are being closed on you. If you need a loan, it may be rejected, which only makes you feel worse, and the loan may have been for something that you needed, that may have changed your life.