Planning For a Financial Emergency

No one likes to think about when an emergency may arise. It may be a health issue, it may be work related, money and finances, an emergency can come in many forms, and also affect just about anything.

Lending Money to Family and Friends

As per Shakespeare in Hamlet, “neither a borrower nor a lender be”.In the world of money and lending and borrowing, it is not just limited to the banks, and loan companies, credit cards, peer-to-peer lending , and overdrafts. Lending money also can be closer at hand as in the instance of a family member or close friend asking to borrow some money. In some instances it may be a large sum of money.

A Quick Survey

There is so much about personal finances that has been written about over the years here in this blog, topics such as loans, credit scoring, bad credit and bad credit loans, insolvency, insolvency for businesses, troubles on the High Street, money laundering, and even infographics on Facebook, Google, James Bond, you name it, it has been mentioned here!

What is Beneficial Interest and How is It Earned?

Beneficial interest by definition is, “Right to enjoy and use a property, and to otherwise benefit from its possession. Beneficial interest usually accrues to the legal owner but may be vested in some other party, such as the beneficiary of a trust. See also contingent beneficial interest and equitable interest.“

Being Told What To Do With Our Money

Many us have an aversion to being told what to do.Naturally there are times when we are not the “boss” and are directed as to what we have to do, and one of those times is at work. And in some relationships:)

Changing The Way We Shop and Buy

We already know how competitive it is in the business world. Just look at all the companies closing their doors and others going bust in the past few years; and this seems to be an ever growing issue.

Mental Health Issues and Being in Debt

Many years ago in a place far, far away, we were on a mission to help people in debt, and not just to get them out of debt, but to find out what brought them to the financial position they were in, insure they had the skills to not have it happen again, and also to change the minds and perspectives that banks, lenders, and creditors can have regarding their customers, when they have financial issues.

Are People Really Losing Out on Jobs Due to Bad Credit?

 Many of us are aware that having bad credit can affect our live in many ways, especially when it comes to getting a loan. If you have bad or poor credit, even if you have no credit history what so ever, it become a hurdle to get over if you need to borrow money from traditional lenders.