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Have We Reached Peak Debt?

 A newish term that has been tossed about in recent times is “peak” something, peak and then add the item, product, or thing you are referring to.

Lending Money to Family and Friends

As per Shakespeare in Hamlet, “neither a borrower nor a lender be”.In the world of money and lending and borrowing, it is not just limited to the banks, and loan companies, credit cards, peer-to-peer lending , and overdrafts. Lending money also can be closer at hand as in the instance of a family member or close friend asking to borrow some money. In some instances it may be a large sum of money.

A Quick Survey

There is so much about personal finances that has been written about over the years here in this blog, topics such as loans, credit scoring, bad credit and bad credit loans, insolvency, insolvency for businesses, troubles on the High Street, money laundering, and even infographics on Facebook, Google, James Bond, you name it, it has been mentioned here!

Is It Time to Reform Council Tax?

If there is one monthly bill that many grumble over, and it is a priority bill as well, is council tax. And if you think I just won’t pay it…..think again.

Getting a Business Loan

In the business world, getting a loan or injection of capital, can be a tricky thing. If you look at all the business and High Street shops which have recently gone bust, due to cash issues, heavy debts, and poor sales, then you know.