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Loan, Loans, and More Loans

 They say there are a few things in life we can count on, death and taxes.If you are in the banking or financial industry, you can also count on loans and lending. Loans and lending money out, and also people paying money in, are the foundations of banking.

Is Remortgaging Your Home Possible With Bad Credit?

Buying a property and getting on the property ladder is a momentous time in a person’s life.You have saved for the deposit, found the perfect house or flat, applied for and were approved for a mortgage, and then comes moving day, and you making a property a home.

Pre-Approved Loans

We all have at some point have picked up the post, and there amongst the bills and circulars is a notice from a bank or loan company that we have been pre-approved for a loan of £500, or £1,000, or £5,000, and all we need to do is to post the card back or phone them to get our money.

Investing in Marijuana

 In some sense of the word, we are all investors.We invest our money in something, or invest something we have, in something. It may not be money, but possibly time.